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CP: 5TH[year]2010|11: THESIS: BIO-CITY_2020

It is the Year 2020 and Shanghai, China is a booming city, much like it was before. Its rich, truly multicultural history has allowed it to be open to experimentation. In a time when high technology has become the subject of our obsessions, we are in constant need of more research, more electronic products, more server space, more wireless networks. We dream of robots coexisting with our society. Shanghai has stepped up to become the Hub of the High Technology Industry. A city for the Highly-educated scientific professional has emerged.

This city - known as “Bio-City” - exists independently from old Shanghai. It has its own jurisdiction, its own rules, and is completely dedicated to Universities around the world in order to create an area for research, teaching, learning, and production in industries such as Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Nuclear Physics, Telecommunications, Aerospace, and the like. Universities such as MIT, Oxford, Harvard, University of Hong Kong, Kyoto University and other top universities worldwide have established graduate and PhD programs in Bio-City in order to build toward the future.

Each ball has its own subject of research. the biggest ball is called “The Brain.” it is the Telecommunication ball and it is dedicated not only to researching this field, but also to providing the servers for the rest of the balls. Bio-City operates through a server\client relationship. The smaller balls within the larger cages house the computers that allow for constant communication with each other though strings of fiber optic cables that attach each cage to “The Brain.”

The Future city is for the Highly-Educated Professional.

The district of Pudong
Bio-City view toward Pudong
View from Huangpu River
View across Huangpu River looking toward Pudong

Bio-City Section
Bio-City Plan
Bio-City Master Plan
For the physical section model I constructed the cage-like structure using a rapid prototype machine. The interior and the base were constructed out of laser-cut chip board.
model of "The Brain"
section model of The Brain over Pudong

Design Process: Animations

3D attractor points
Attractor Points: 3D Cube: Axonometric View: Top Corner
Attractor Points: 3D Cube: Axonometric View: Bottom Corner

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